Brosnan and Russo cloak their performances

Brosnan and Russo cloak their performances in the best kind of irony, not the hip, superior variety, but the sophisticated sort they capable of being amused at every pickle they land themselves in. The movie gets just a tad soggy when Alan Trustman and Kurt Wimmer script has the leads anguish over how they can trust each other. But those slack patches never last for long, and soon Crown and Catherine are gleefully working out some new way to trip each other up, some new form of seduction that will utterly disarm the opposition..

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A creative director with another agency agrees. On condition of anonymity, he had this to say: “I personally think that the advertising for Limca was quite insipid. Yes, Leo Burnett’s media buying was very good so you saw a lot of Limca ads on TV, but how much of it is memorable? And if you do think of Limca, it’s because it is a historical brand, not because of its recent ads.”.

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